Chef : Yukihiro Takeda

Takeda is a warm and appealing intimate space specializing in Edomae Style Sushi.   
Chef Takeda, with a 30-year career, is an excellent chef, or Itamae, which is a Japanese cuisine craftsman who has unique skills to produce magic with fish. He has a well-established, 30-year career specializing in, and preparing fresh seafood
It had always been Chef Takeda’s dream of having his own restaurant, and, with hard work and determination, he opened Takeda Sushi in order to exhibit his culinary skills in top-notch Japanese cuisine. He is now serving excellent sushi and original appetizers for sushi fans and lovers in New York.
We at Takeda Sushi are proud of the high quality of the food we serve. With very few exceptions, our seafood is airlifted from Japan to ensure and maintain excellent quality and freshness



Tekeda Omakase

$225 (tax and gratuity not included) 


Business Hours:

Wednesday- Sunday

Important Notice to all our guests:

Due to a future temporary closure of the fish markets in Japan, Sushi Takeda will be closed from:

August 10th to August 25th.

Reservations can only be made 14 days in advance.


Guests composed of 1-3 in total can make reservations online via Resy.

Online reservations can only be made 14 days prior to the date of reservation.

5 or more guests will not be accepted on Friday or Saturday.

For the group of four guests or more, please contact (646)-370-6965 or send an email to

When making your reservation, please carefully read through our cancellation policy.


Cancellation Policy:


Cancellations can only be made before the final 72 hours before your reservation starts.

When the 72 hour period begins, your reservation is considered finalized, and we will not allow any form of changes under any circumstances to be made without the cancellation fee applying.

The following situations are included in our cancellation policy:

COVID related reason


Rescheduling your reservation date

Depletion in guest number

Guests will be charged $200 per person if the cancellation policy applies.


Dietary Information:

Please note that our Omakase course consists mainly of raw fish, we do not offer any alternatives, so please be advised when making a reservation with us.

Sushi Takeda will not be able to accommodate gluten free , vegan or vegetarian customers.

In addition, we cannot accommodate people who wish to consume only sashimi , instead of the served sushi.

Corkage Fees will be $95  per bottle

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