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Takeda is a warm and appealing intimate space specializing in Edomae Style Sushi.  

Chef Yukihiro Takeda presents the culmination of a 30 year journey in studying the art of Sushi. 
Our “Omakase” embodies this quest of patience, honor, dedication, and “omotenashi” (hospitality)


Steeped in traditional techniques of edomae sushi, our seasonal menu uses the finest ingredients from throughout Japan.


Omakase  $250 Gratuity and tax are not included.

If you or your guests have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please kindly inform us when you make your reservation. Takeda will not be able to accommodate for gluten free or vegan/vegetarians Customer

[Dinner Cancellation and No-Show Policy] 

The cancellation fee is $250 per person.

Any cancellations made 48 hours prior to your reservation date will be charged the full cancellation fee.

We do not accept any circumstances of your cancellation.

This includes the following; no-show, rescheduling, depletion in guest number and any cancellations made to your reservation within the 48 hour period.

Any and all aforementioned transgressions will be subject to our cancellation policy, and therefore be charged the full cancellation fee.

Corkage Fee : $100 per bottle

For parties of 4 or more (or private parties), please contact the email for further assistance.

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